WC Product Variations Configurator on Any Page

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  • WC PVC or WC Product Variations Configurator is a very usefull plugin for WooCommerce that will enable the possibility to list the features of a variable product on any page, post, custom posts or widgetized area via shortcode.

    WC PVC main purpose is for webshops searching for a simplified way to enhance their variable products and sell more on any page (not only on single product pages).

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Key Features:

Transform variations into a configurator that can be added on any page:

Install WordPress

For WordPress Installation you can check the Famous 5-Minutes Install here :


or you can watch the following video.

Plugin Installation via WordPress Dashboard

The first option on how to install this Plugin would be to directly upload the wc-pvc.zip file via WordPress Plugin Uploader.


Plugin Installation via FTP

The second option on how to install our Plugin would be the upload via FTP manager. It really doesn't matter which of the two ways you choose, just choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

Note: The plugin has no admin dashboard.

Import Data Products via our Sample CSV

Find the sample-products.csv from the downloaded package (located under the /sample-data/ folder).

Go to your WP admin dashboard - Products - Import:

Upload the CSV and use the importer.

Usage on pages

The plugin comes with a very extensive shortcode that can be used on any page, post, custom post type or widget. It can also used on Gutenberg editor, WPBakery Page builder or the classic editor.


# Param Name Type Available Options Description
1 product_id @integer Valid Product ID A valid product ID (only variable product IDs).
2 title @string Any text The title of the section.
3 subtitle @string Any text The subtitle of the section.
4 title_subtitle_alignment @string 'text-left', 'text-center', 'text-right' The alignment of the section title/subtitle
5 attribute_titles_alignment @string 'text-left', 'text-center', 'text-right' The alignment of the attribute titles
6 attribute_boxes_alignment @string 'text-left', 'text-center', 'text-right' The alignment of the variation boxes content
7 active_background_color @string Hexa Color Code Background for the active box/variation.
8 active_border_color @string Hexa Color Code Border color for the active box/variation.
9 tabs_status @bool 'true', 'false' Optional: If you want to show the options in tabs layout instead of list.
10 carousel_status @bool 'true', 'false' Optional: If you want to list the items as carousel on mobiles (only on mobiles on resolutions < 767px).
11 info_before_purchase_btn @string Any text Optional: Only if you want to replace the text "The price will be visible here after completing the configuration.".
12 info_before_purchase_btn_success @string Any text Optional: Only if you want to replace the text "Please proceed to Add To Cart!".
12 hide_empty_fields @bool 'true', 'false' Hide empty title/subtitle replacement texts? (If the title and the subtitle fields are empty, we have some placeholder texts on the templates. By checking this option, those replacement texts will not be listed).

Video Tutorials

Creating a Product Configurator

Adding Icon/Image to Product Attributes


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